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FeAB #9: Pork Charles

Here’s the official description of the latest FeAB: “Scott and Matt discuss Scott’s time at Banana Republic, how to properly fold a t-shirt, and all of the wonderful advancements in Pornography technology.” They capitalized “Pornography,” so, clearly, there’s respect being shown.

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John Cleese Recapping THE WALKING DEAD Is Simply Delightful


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  1. romtin says:

    man, i seriously love FEaB… i’m always checking and rechecking for the next episode. big thanks for finding the time to put these together, guys!

    p.s. are the feab shirt’s coming soon? and will they come in the mail pre-folded by Scott?

  2. Ben says:

    Such a great ep.
    I want another one stat.

  3. Derek Harju says:

    Dammit guys! I couldn’t even finish the episode at work because I was laughing out loud like an insane person. Well done, keep up the awesome shows.

  4. Curtis says:

    The Cum-Hammer bit had me laughing so hard that when I tried to keep it quiet at work I kind of drooled on myself.

  5. Vincent S says:

    You guys have been great these past few episodes. Thanks!

    ps: Katie’s descriptions are funny.