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FEaB #22: Make It Rain

FEaB #22: Make It Rain

We’re catching up with Scott ‘n’ Matt! First, the long-delayed posting of Episode 22…


  • I probably listen to about 10% of the podcasts from Nerdist, and 15% from Kevin Smith’s Smodcast. Q is also on the latter’s Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave! podcast. So it’s not far-fetched that Q might show up on a Nerdist podcast. But the fact that this Smodcast puts out the shows more quickly is odd. They’ve lapped Nerdist – – they’re on episode 23.

  • my fellow FEaBsters… the late posting on this episode is totally my fault. because of the artwork… of all things. totally lame. i know. matt and scott are once again squirting these birds out faster than i had grown used to. i’m working to fix this ASAP… so please address all the shite comments to me…

    Q is (unfortunately) only mentioned in this episode… but i’m hoping that including him in the artwork… might butter him up to pop up on FEaB someday soon… plus… any chance to draw Q is a good thing (he’s just so dreamy)…

    on to twenty three….!!

  • Glad to see FEaB is still going to be posted here. The artwork is great.

    There are still issues with FEaB on nerdist though. Number 16 is just missing (hot pilgrims). Number 12 is also missing, but #13 is listed twice. I thought I listened to #12 on nerdist though.

    You need a “This page is fucked up!” link to report stuff like this.