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FEaB #21: Delightful

In the latest edition of FEaB, Matt tells Scott what he finds delightful. How adorbs.


  1. James says:

    The page that comes up for listing the podcast seems to be messed up for me. I am getting two #13 podcast and #16 is just missing. I didn’t know I had missed a podcast until I loaded it up in the app on my iDevice. It looks like it is fine on the smodcast site though.

  2. Edward Gundrum says:

    High Energy Mosier is awesome! Keep up the fun!

  3. lookleftandsmile says:

    Please…. FEAB TSHIRT of artwork.

  4. Josh says:

    Absolutely love the artwork. Can’t wait to listen

  5. Chris says:

    Fantastic art work. Death to Smoochy is such an underrated movie, I thought it was fantastic