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FEaB #18: We Forgot to Name It

Having not had a chance to review it, I have to take the description supplied with this episode at its word: “Matt rages against Clamato juice, amongst other things.” Poor Clamato.

Artwork by Dana Lechtenberg. He’s good.


  • Clamato juice is huge in Canada because it’s the main ingredient in the ‘Caesar’, our version of the ‘Bloody Mary’ (which nobody drinks here). Nobody drinks it on its own, it’s just a cocktail mixer.

  • Wow ! A new Feab,great.I knew Scott was back but figured Matt would be on a grand tour of DisneyWorld. What a nice Surprise. BTW,there is a Doctor Who movie coming out.In theaters in the U.K and BBCAmerica in the states.

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  • This episode made me realise that the only people I know that drink tomato juice are my dad and my granddad. I feel like I should start drinking tomato juice just to continue my family’s legacy.

  • Dear Two Beards, Two iPhones, One Pair of Glasses, and One Fake Outdoor Mall with Tomato Sauce, eh,

    I thought we’d never hear from you two again. The more you look like each other, the more you sound like each other, and the less you have to fight about. We want to see the generation gap.

    Sorry about my obsessive Clamato drinking. I guess I’m just old fashioned. I’m a premature grand dad. Or maybe I just like gulping down clam juice. Who doesn’t love clam juice. Just take a look at the only-partially-covered lady in the title card and tell me you don’t need to down a bottle of Clamato.

  • The 3D in Gatsby was probably the most impressive I’ve seen so far. After seeing it in 3D, I think I would be disappointed to see it again in 2D. I guess that It helps that it was actually filmed in 3D?

  • I used to work at a 7-11. People would buy that Clamato Bud. I would ask them about the taste of the clams. They would have NO IDEA that it had clams in it.