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FeAB #14: Spoiler Alert

It would be a spoiler in and of itself should I reveal what Matt and Scott discuss in this episode of the podcast. (Also, I just got the thing, so I don’t know what they talk about.)

Artwork by Dana Lechtenberg.

John Cleese Recapping THE WALKING DEAD Is Simply Delightful

John Cleese Recapping THE WALKING DEAD Is Simply Delightful


"Borrowed Time" Is What Pixar Animators Make on Their Days off

Queen's Fast Version of

Queen's Fast Version of "We Will Rock You" Should Be the Band's New Old Single



  1. Jesse says:

    By far my favorite episode thus far, everytime Scott made Matt crack up, excellent one-liners. Loved all the 80’s TV references too. Thanks for the great podcast.

  2. mason says:

    Hey uhh matt i think uhh.. Your really cool. cool as ice ice baby

  3. Big says:

    Great episode. You guys are hitting your stride.

    Fallguy was a Bounty Hunter when he wasn’t being a stuntman.

    As above; the show with the big pink helicopter was Riptide.
    Google Image Search: “riptide pink helicopter” for some creepy images.

    All the best for 2013 and the new jobs.

  4. Brisa says:


  5. *Spoiler Alert* This podcast is awesome!!!

  6. Gwif says:

    Thanks for another entertaining episode!

    BTW- Heather THOMAS is the girl with the pink bikini who was on the Fall Guy. Often confused with Heather Locklear who was on TJ Hooker and Dynasty. Both beautiful blondes who have aged well. 🙂

  7. Keith says:

    Riptide is the TV show with the helicopter painted with teeth. Staring Joe Penny and Perry King with a mustache reminiscent of Gerald McRaney which is why everybody confuses it with Simon and Simon.