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“Farscape” From the Beginning

John Crichton is back. The Nerdist Channel is presenting the classic series Farscape, now recut into minisodes, and the debut episode is now posted online with Ben Browder on hand afterwards to talk about making the show and his thoughts when he first got the script and first walked onto the set.

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  1. Qemz says:

    It’s cool that they’re doing this.. only, it’s still quite a huge letdown that it’s not actually NEW content.

    I desperately want more, brand new Farscape.. even if its 5-10 minute mini eps.

  2. Pat says:

    Oh, Frell yeah! The anticipation of seeing these all again is making me fart some more helium…..yes, more

  3. Jason says:

    Some of you guys just aren’t getting it. This is generating interest in a series that has all but fallen off the map. This is a great way for new people to get into the show and a way for die hard fans (like myself) to feel nostalgic.

    Get a clue suckers! 😉

  4. bastien says:

    What they’re doing is taking one of the best science fiction shows ever produced and opening it up to a potential new audience that may never have seen the show when it was on the air.

    This is a GOOD thing. Yes, we Farscape fans have always loved it, but you have to remember that the show hasn’t been on television for nearly a decade. So they’re bringing it back into the spotlight after almost 10 years, as if to say “Hey, you must not forget this”.

    So they’re cutting it up. Do you expect them to show full episodes? Do you expect them to have the millions of dollars and access to writers, actors, puppeteers, and set builders needed to produce new content? They’re taking the show and putting it into digestible portions; memories for old fans, easy introductions for new fans. And if people like what they see, they’ll go check it out on Netflix, or buy the DVDs.

    This is a GOOD thing.

    And frankly, all it needs is a “Previously on Farscape…” tag at the beginning of each one.

  5. John Locke says:

    Perhaps this could lead to some new Farscape? #WishfulThinking

  6. Jesse says:

    Really, you hate George Lucas for screwing with Star Wars yet it’s ok to shrink Farscape down to this cliffsnotes version. This makes me sad, you are destroying the original just to make it web friendly.

  7. whosthebossk says:

    Sweet Stach Ben Browder!!! Farscape was an amazing show and I was looking forward to see what the Farscape/Nerdist mash up was going to produce, but I like most was hoping for new content other than cast interviews after a cut down tease of the episode. I hope this at lease will generate more awairness of an awesome show worthy of another miniseries.

  8. Bruce Johannes says:

    Chris Hardwick this is really disappointing! Whatever happened to the web series with new material? These are old episodes cutup and missing a lot scenes. How about a new miniseries like the Peacekeeper wars.

  9. Johnny Lemuria says:

    ‘Dat ‘stache.

  10. Mongo says:

    A GREAT BIG “HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!”

  11. BrotherArson says:

    Don’t you mean “Frell Yeah!”?

  12. BenMech says:

    Thank you Chris and Nerdist.

    Can I Get a “Hell Yeah!” ?