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FARGO’s Second Season Will Focus on Strong Women, Says Creator

FARGO’s Second Season Will Focus on Strong Women, Says Creator

We’re going to go ahead and make a grandiose statement, likely to enrage some and excite others: one of the biggest, and exciting, thru-lines in television in 2014 was the depiction and role of female characters. And for all the foibles and missteps, there were plenty of bright spots, like FX’s Fargo and their delightful Molly Solverson (played by Allison Tolman). And, well? That is a trend set to continue into season two, as the series’ creator, Noah Hawley, has stated that the central focus of the follow-up season will be strong women. Weee!

Keeping that particular keystone of the Coen Brothers’ story alive and whole — who could forget the indomitable Frances McDormand as local police chief Marge Gunderson — will no doubt prove an interesting foil to the series’ plot in season two, which will follow a young Lou Solverson (Molly’s father, played by Keith Carradine in season one) upon his return from the Vietnam war.

And though Molly will only be seen as a young child, leaving no room for Tolman to return unfortunately, her mother has been reported to be a recurring character. And no doubt there’s more than enough room in all of that for another fascinating, interesting, and intelligent go-getting lady to rule the roost.

“It’s about strong women, season two,” explained Hawley in an interview with TVLine (which you can watch below! How neat is the Internet, eh?). “There’s a lot of strong women … I love that [a strong woman] was the heart of the movie, and with Allison in season one, so that’s what we’re steering toward.”

So — how much are you looking forward to season two of Fargo? Let us know in the comments!


  1. DanWally says:

    Maybe they should give back their Emmy for mini-series…  Mini-series’ don’t have a season 2!   Great show though… 😉