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FARGO’s Allison Tolman is Heading to THE MINDY PROJECT

FARGO’s Allison Tolman is Heading to THE MINDY PROJECT

Aww, jeez, well isn’t this special? It looks like Fargo star (and egregious Emmy snubee), Allison Tolman, has moved to New York after her stint in North Dakota, because she’s landed herself a two-episode guest-starring role on Fox’s The Mindy Project.

Now, given that Mindy Kaling’s series is, perhaps, not on many a-radar of the Nerdist fanbase, we figured it was our duty to open your mind slightly to the potential ha-has you’re currently missing out on. Because (weirdly!) it’s very easy for some folks to poo-poo a show that’s billed as a romantic comedy with ZANY! hijinks and SILLY! characters. But it’s the magic of all that, combined with Dr. Mindy Lahiri’s semi-conservative, pop-culture-obsessed lunacy — tinged with only the finest social observations — that make it an enjoyable comedy romp. Give Mindy a chance, is what we’re saying, people! The sometimes-maligned comedy series, heading into its third season, is often disarmingly hilarious and has really hit a promising stride after an establishing season two.

Tolman will guest star in two episodes when the series returns on September 16th, where she will play a romance novelist named Abby Berman, who goes on a blind date with one of Mindy’s co-workers, the insecure party-bro Dr. Peter Prentice (played by Adam Pally).

The actress isn’t the only impressive name to join the seemingly unending roster of guest stars the show procures, such as this season’s already-planned appearances from Rhea Perlman as Danny Castellano (Chris Messina)’s mom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Rob McElhenny as Morgan’s cousin (in addition to his Sunny co-star and season two guester, Glenn Howerton), and Shonda Rhimes, who’s set to play herself.

So — who out there watches The Mindy Project? Let us know in the comments — don’t be shy!


  1. Henrik says:

    Give that woman an Emmy!