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Farewell, No No Knots

Last night I saw my first and final No No Knots show when they played their farewell concert at the Cincinnati Zoo. The first thing I noticed after grabbing a good standing spot was how young the crowd was. Like really young. Like face paint young. Perhaps this had something to do with the unusually high concentration of caged monkeys and cotton candy stands in the area. My next observation was just how AWESOME No No Knots’ performance was.

Although this was my first experience with the band, I was taken aback by how bittersweet the whole show was. It was like I wanted to frown with disappointment, but then someone face painted a smiling giraffe on me. The band’s protean sound captured this mood quite well. I found myself soaking in and bopping to No No Knot’s blend of electronipop and postpunk. They kind of sounded like if Stereolab had a music baby with Sleater-Kinney in the jungle (zoo suffices).

Music aside, what really drew me to the band was their unique energy. And by that I mean they had a really cute lead vocalist and I am a typical boy (derp). But did she have some pipes! Even when her face convulsed to strangle out the right pitch for a song, I found myself transfixed by her aura and brunette bangs. If only I had a reason to interview her! Curse the disbandment of No No Knots! Such a bummer on so many levels.

Thankfully however, they released a brief EP and demo tape last year with some of their work and it sounds almost as good as it did live. But with this experience, I bid farewell to a friend I hardly knew. Thanks for that one memory that one time!  I’ll think of you every time I pass by the Monkey House.


  1. Caitlin says: – EP – “Beluga”, off the Marburg Collective compilation – “Holiday is U”, off the “A Very Ohio Christmas” compilation by Each Note Secure and – “Black Tar (Positronic 12″ version”)

  2. ruben says:

    where do i find more music ? im really diggin these guy