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Fans React to GAME OF THRONES’ Shocking Death and We Can Totally Relate

Fans React to GAME OF THRONES’ Shocking Death and We Can Totally Relate

It’s sort of become a thing now, hasn’t it? To force friends to view Game of Thrones‘ most epic and gruesome deaths while simultaneously videotaping their reactions. It started with Ned Stark, became de rigueur once the Red Wedding rolled into town, but still they are far from old. Mostly because every season it seems a new, terrible horror is thrown in our faces in such an epic way, even fans of the book series on which the show is based are likely shocked by the visuality D.B. Weiss and David Benioff (the HBO show’s creators) are able to pull off. It’s an impressive — if gruesome — feat.

Keeping true to that form, Guyism has culled together a video of some of the best reactions to the (SPOILER ALERT, you guys. C’mon.) Oberyn Martell’s head-crunching departure from the Realm of Men. And, yep: it’s pretty great. And it has something for everyone! There’s swearing, disbelief, tears, “is this what this show is like every week?”, shock, horror, and even quite a bit of laughter. (That particular trio of guys might be our favorite of the whole thing.)

It’s a fitting tribute to a crazy, larger-than-life death that has beaten out even the Red Wedding for its insanely gruesome, blood-curdling ending. I mean, let’s be real: no one at the Twins was so inhumane as to use their own bare hands to pop a person’s head like a goddamn zit. They were far more civilized with their knives and arrows.

What was your reaction to Oberyn’s death? Let’s hear ‘em in the comments.

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