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Fanboy Focus w/ Jonah Ray

My nerdly friend and infrequent Nerdist contributor Jonah Ray gots hisself a Innernet broadcastin' programme. Interestingly, I went hick with part of that last sentence and then swung it into Brittania for the last word. I sure love playing with words. When read aloud, they're like odorless mouth-farts deftly crafted from the articulating sphincter of the lips.

Oh, right. Jonah's video. IT IS GOOD:

Via current


  1. PGK87 says:

    Bring back the Freeloaders guide Jonah!

  2. Patrick says:

    Most Awesome!? Mostly

  3. Jill Sanchez says:

    Oh Chris, how we thrive on every fart that comes from within your sphincter…oh and i love the ultranerds at the beginning of the vid 😀

  4. Great video. Goldbloom is hilarious though. JURASSIC PARK MOTHERFUCKER!

  5. lana012 says:

    That was fun to watch. I loved the charlie Brown segment.