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Fan Video Gives That GAME OF THRONES Moment the Re-Edit We All Crave

Fan Video Gives That GAME OF THRONES Moment the Re-Edit We All Crave

We all know by now that famous saying, right? “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” We know, we know: Game of Thrones is a violent world where all men must die and those deaths — hoo boy — will they ever be gruesome and horrifying. That’s why we were all so crushed (whoa word choice, Lutes) when we saw (spoilers!) Oberyn Martell get himself good and dead-ed by The Mountain during Sunday’s episode of the HBO series, “The Mountain and The Viper.” In fact, no one can stop talking about it! Particularly not the Internet, especially those who felt personally violated by the loss of one of the best characters in Westeros.

We’re all so used to getting what we want out of television and movies. Satisfying endings where characters find true love and live happily ever after, following their hero’s journey to victory, vindication, and the end. We have been programmed to expect this — but George R.R. Martin doesn’t give a shit in that regard, and will kill your darlings (and his) to make his valar morghulis-ified point.

That didn’t stop YouTuber Ozzy Man from going the extra mile and re-cutting that final scene. Adding Hans Zimmer music and a few other teeny-tiny changes and suggestions, Ozzy Man has given the Internet a bit of a proverbial salve by denying the facts of what happened with a little bit of movie magic. (And the all-too-needed suggestion of MORE SER POUNCE.) It is, in a phrase, simply the best.

What else would you add to your own re-edit of the scene? Let us know in the comments.