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Falling, Asleep, in “Neil’s Puppet Dreams”

On the debut episode of Neil Patrick Harris’ Nerdist Channel series “Neil’s Puppet Dreams,” NPH is falling. Yes, it’s a nightmare, at least until puppets with wings show up to help him out. Sort of. A lullaby is in order, or at least they think so. The lyrics could use a little work to accomplish their goal. A LOT of work, actually.

Read Dan’s interview with NPH by clicking right here, too. And follow Neil at @ActuallyNPH, although I’m sure you do already.

Subscribe to the Nerdist Channel like Neil tells you to at the end of the episode. LISTEN TO HIM.


  1. John says:

    That was great!

    This has been a long time coming but it was worth it. Looking forward to more.

  2. Mark says:

    More like is there anything Janet Varney can’t do?

  3. Three Toes of Fury says:

    Is there nothing that Dr Horrible cant do?!?

    Absolutely awesome 1st episode!!!! A super well executed blend o music, comedy, puppets, n neil. Cant wait to see what future episodes bring!*

    Peace .n. Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers..the dreamers..and me.


    (*here’s to hoping a future episode combines his love of magic with puppets!)

  4. Amy says:

    My only complaint is that it isn’t long enough.

  5. marie says:

    Fantastic showmanship and showpuppetship… ENCORE

  6. nate says:

    Hah, that was actually pretty funny. After doing some circus work I have experience with puppets doing horrible things. Amazing what can actually happen.

  7. Sarah says:

    Freeze frame on the credits and there is some funny stuff there. Hee hee, Puppet Fluffer.

  8. Lucy says:

    Love it!