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Face Front, True Believers — It’s the Map of Marvel Heroes’ Birthplaces!

If there’s one thing Marvel maniacs love almost as much as their favorite superheroes and villains, it’s minutiae about those characters’ lives, particularly their origin stories. And since you can’t get more “origin” than one’s place of birth, the nice folks at Movoto Real Estate have prepared an anniversary present (in honor of 2014, Marvel’s seventy-fifth year) to fans everywhere — a map of the world (and the United States) with the birthplaces of seventy-five Marvel Universe residents charted across it. Feast your peepers on the maps below. And hit the Motovoto website for an interactive version of these maps, which includes the names of cities of origin and characters’ first appearances.



Even a veteran Marvel zombie like myself could learn a few new things from these maps. For example, I guess I’ve been remiss in my Doctor Strange reading, because I had no idea the character was from my home town of Philadelphia. (Go Philly!) And when was it established that Spider-Woman Jessica Drew and Toad were Brits? Anyway, it’s great to see so many nations represented here, even if the highest percentage of Marvel characters hail from New York City. But that’s only fitting, since the Big Apple is the birthplace of the comic book…

Special thanks to The Onion for bringing these maps to our attention. Excelsior!

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  1. Sean says:

    Azazel is an inter dimensional demonic humanoid mutant, who is not from Cuba. 

  2. E.S.Hess says:

    Dayton is not in Columbus..its north of Cinncy near the Indiana border.

  3. E says:

    Where’s storm?

  4. Robber says:

    Map-makers don’t know where Dayton, Ohio is…

  5. Jen says:

    Or cut them out and make a Guess Who? game with superheros!