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FEAB #4: Scott’s Tired

Matt Mira, one-third of the Nerdist Podcast — four eyes. Scott Mosier, the M in SMOD — beard. Together — Four Eyes and Beard. FEaB. This is the fourth episode.

In which a tour of Matt’s new apartment almost puts Scott asleep. They also talk about Scott’s sports indifference and continued failure to see The Avengers.

Art: Dana Lechtenberg


  • Oh man, you two are the driest! I love it. I mean, if you guys interviewed Pete Holmes, I think the mixing of your energies might cause a rift in the space-time continuum. A big, giant, space-time continuum ass explosion of hilarity.

    Listen, you’re going about this whole which-comic-book-hero-you’d-like-to-be issue the wrong way. Worried about the hulk breaking stuff in your apartment? I get that reasoning, but what if every possession you ever owned was broken by a night of love-making with Wonder Woman? Would that be worth it? That’s why I’d like to be Steve Trevor. Yeah yeah, Superman’s cool, but he’s trying to sleep in the hotel room next door while Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman are getting kinky with the Golden Lasso of Truth. Steve is hog-tied by his wrist and ankles talking about, “I HATE THIS! I LOVE IT! STOP! NO, KEEP GOING!” Steve Trevor might just be an average Joe CIA agent non-superhero soldier guy, but between he and Superman, who really wins?

  • @doc ha! There’s no question about it. The golden lasso of truth is by far head and shoulders no ifs ands or buts about it the funniest super hero weapon of all time. If I were a superhero, I think I’d like my weapon to be the “bronzed handkerchief of allegory”. You blow your nose into it and just start talking deeper meaning.

    That’s right btw, “bronzed”. It’s a real handkerchief underneath.

  • Perhaps the reason Banner couldn’t kill himself is because Hulk took over in that milisecond between starting to pull the trigger and when the bullet actually fires. If someone suck up on a sleeping Banner, they might be able to pull it off as long as Hulk was never aware of the situation.

  • Any chance you guys could complile the ‘Theab Reads’ into a list somewheres? I’m always looking for good reading suggestions and it would be fantastic to have that list. Can’t wait for the new ep. Keep up the good work.

  • Matt Mira and Scott Mosier are weird
    A superpower that shouldn’t be feared
    a couple of dweebs
    podcasting as FEaB
    Or more formally Four Eyes and Beard

    I’m not actually calling you guys weird dweebs – there just aren’t many options when it comes to rhymes for FEaB and beard.

  • Bruce Banner’s hulk became “Mr Fixit” during Peter David’s writing run and he had both Bruce’s intellect AND the Hulk’s strength … only he was grey and dressed like James Cagney from Scarface.

    Could Bruce die ? Why not ?

    Captain Canuck was (and is) way better than Alpha Flight.

    The SCTV skit your referring to is Perry Como, played expertly by Eugene Levy. No offense, but I love Dr. Tongue’s 3D House of Pancakes …. epic!

  • feab- i love the show. i think a good idea for a future episode would be if matt would talk scott into a state of relaxation such that he falls asleep while conversing, then matt could read a book scott likes in a soothing manner until he awakens.