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Sifl & OllySifl & Olly

Extraterrestrial Sifl and Olly

It’s the last episode of the season for Sifl and Olly’s Video Game Reviews on the Nerdist Channel, and it’s a road trip to a game company located in Area 52. That’s across the street from Area 51, naturally. Chester tests a virtual reality room, while Sifl encounters aliens. Because even if you’re just NEAR Area 51, you encounter aliens.

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  1. Prick James says:

    She just getting ready to blow the man down!

  2. Anthony says:

    Yea, polish my deck, baby. Yea, baby, yea.

    Another funny and veiled indictment of the video gaming industry. It’s true that modern gamng designs put a lot more emphasis on the look of the game that on the plots and game play. I just think that the budgets and deadlines in delivering games makes it hard to be unique and cutting edge. So, game developers end up going fo the quick visual candies, IMHO.