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Explore The Unknown In TWO MEN ON PLANET TEN

Explore The Unknown In TWO MEN ON PLANET TEN

Trekking across alien planets and looking for life isn’t always as glamorous as the science fiction genre makes it out to be. The short film Two Men on Planet Ten takes a look at the more mundane aspects of exploration as it follows “two incompetent explorers” across the surface of a desert planet. Though the Arrakis-like environment doesn’t have sandworms, it comes with its own problems.

The entertaining short, written and directed by Sela Shiloni and Jeremy Baril, is about searching for alien lifeforms but focuses on being human. The two astronauts we follow may be in a precarious situation, but it doesn’t stop them from having everyday sorts of discussions. They discuss women and life – you know, normal topics. Their conversation is an interesting contrast to their current state. As for whether they actually discover any aliens? You’ll have to watch and see:

If the stark, jagged landscape looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen Vasquez Rocks in several films and television shows. It served as the backdrop for the epic Captain Kirk vs. Gorn battle in Star Trek: The Original Series, and it’s an ideal location for the alien world.

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