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Explore the Planets of DESTINY Using Google

Explore the Planets of DESTINY Using Google

The wait is almost over, guardians! In just a week, we’ll back in the business of racking up that precious glimmer with our closest pals, when Destiny officially launches. Kiss those pesky level caps from the alpha and beta goodbye and plan to play for keeps, because there won’t be any resetting your kill/death ratio anymore.

As hype levels for the game intensify, Bungie has provided a neat way for folks to explore the world of Destiny without even firing up the game. Enter: Destiny Planet View, a browser-based map of Destiny‘s universe powered by Google technologies. This is the first time a video game world has ever been “Googlefied,” which adds to the list of milestones and “never befores” for Bungie’s upcoming shooter. Click here to experience it for yourself, or just watch the trailer below for an overview:

Pretty sick, huh? We’ll be as well as hosting a plethora of Destiny-related of the course of the next two weeks, so make sure you stick around if you’re planning on picking up the game on September 9.

[HT: Destiny Planet View]


  1. Matthew says:

    Click on all the points of interest (pictures, lore, videos, etc) and you get a code for an in game emblem.