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Experience Fantasy Football GAME OF THRONES-Style in Our New “Fantasy Fantasy League”

Experience Fantasy Football GAME OF THRONES-Style in Our New “Fantasy Fantasy League”

Fantasy sports leagues are probably the sole reasons you’ll ever catch a nerd like myself fiddling around in the ESPN realm. Like my comrade Dan Casey always says: it’s basically just D&D with athletes, with similar amounts of fun micromanagement and scenario-based strategy being applicable to both.

To celebrate the triumphant return of Game of Thrones this Sunday, the evil geniuses here at Nerdist have discovered a way to take everything we love about fantasy sports, and incorporate them into the wonderful world of Westeros. Without any further ado, it is with great pleasure that we present to you, the official Game Of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League.

Are you obsessed with Game of Thrones and looking for a reason to be even more obsessive? No need to look any further my dragon loving friends,  your new Game of Thrones-related pastime has just arrived. Here’s a closer look at how to play:


Before you get started making your Fantasy Fantasy league, you’ll need to equip yourself with the following tools of trade:

Official Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League Rules

Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League Draft Sheet

Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League Scoresheet

Some of you are likely thinking, “But, I’ve read the book and I know exactly when [REDACTED] dies after [REDACTED] admits [REDACTED]!” Well, that’s true. You likely won’t be able to play with your non-reader friends, but why not become the League Game Maester and make sure none of your friends cheat and need to take the Black? Just sit back, relax, sip on some fine Dornish Red and let the good times roll.

And there you have it folks– everything you need to start your very own Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy league. Feel free to share your scores, experiences, any questions and any concerns you may have on this in the comments.

UPDATED: Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy rankings

(Editor’s note: we’ll do our best to get these figures out to you in a timely fashion, but as many of you are finding out, there’s a ton of characters! These are calculated by game creator Andrew Nielson. Some of you have slightly different counts in the comments, but any disputes should be resolved by Small Council or your local Game Maester.)

Week 10 – “The Children”
Cersei – 4
Jamie – 2
Meera Reed – 2
Bran Stark – 2
Jojen Reed – -3
Hodor – 3
Brienne of Tarth – 2
Tyrion – 11
Shae – -5
Tywin – -5

Week 9 – “The Watchers on the Wall”
Ygritte – 5
Sam – 2
Alliser Thorne – 2
Tormund Giantsbane – 6
Grenn – 2
Janos Slynt – -2
Styr – 4
Pyp – -2
Jon Snow – 8
Edd Tollet – 3

Week 8 – “The Mountain and The Viper”

Styr: +2
Tormund: +2
Ygritte: +4
Theon: +2
Sansa: +2
Littlefinger: +2
Robin Arryn: -2
Gregor: +3
Oberyn: -3 played, -1 benched
Tyrion: -3

Week 7 – “A Man Without Honor”

Gregor: +3
Sandor: +4
Arya: +3
Jorah: +2
Dany: -2, +2= 0
Daario: +2
Hot Pie: +1 (for a being the only character on the show that is legitimately happy, and giving a speech on kidney pie.)
Littlefinger: +3

Week 6 – “The Laws of Gods and Men”

Ramsay Snow: +4
Yara Greyjoy:: +3
Tywin Lannister: +2
Tyrion Lannister: +2
Davos: +2
Jamie Lannister: -2

Week 5 – “First Of His Name”

Hodor: +3
Sandor: +2
Littlefinger: +5
Bran: +3
Jon Snow: +8
Grenn: +2
Ed Tollet: +1
Lysa Arryn: +7

Week 4 – “Oathkeeper.”

Grey Worm: +2
Dany: +3
Bronn: +2
Jamie: -2
Margaery: +2
Tommen: -2

Week 3 – “Breaker of Chains”

Petyr Baelish – 5 points
Styr – 4 ponts
Tormund Giantsbane – 3 points
Daario Naharis – 3 points
Ellaria Sand – 3 points
Olenna Tyrell – 3 pooints
Ygritte – 3 points
Jamie Lannister – 2 points
Arya Stark – 2 points
Alliser Thorne – 2 points
Cersei Lannister – 2 points
Oberyn Martell – 2 points
Daenerys Targaryen – 2 points
Sandor Clegane  – 2 points
Tywin Lannister – 2 points

Week 2 – “The Lion and the Rose”

Stannis Baratheon: 4 points

Melisandre: 2 points

Tyrion Lannister: 1 point

Ramsay Snow: 1 point

Shae: -1 point

Theon Greyjoy/Reek: -1 point

Joffrey Baratheon: -5 points

Week 1 – “Two Swords”

Arya Stark: 7 points

Sandor Clegane:  3 points

Olenna Tyrell:  2 points

Oberyn Martell: 1 point

Mance Rayder: -1 points

All other characters received a net score of zero points. We will do our best to have these scores calculated for you the day following the original episode’s run.

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  1. Jay Smith says:

    Me and my family played this for season 4. We wanna play again this year and was wondering if there is or could be an updated draft sheet we could use for season 5? If someone could help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated.  

    • J Mansil says:

      My coworkers and I have also been wondering this. We did a crappy draft last year and would much rather do the Nerdist version for Season 5

  2. danyfan says:

    so close! two more to go I cant wait for this to b updated 😉

  3. Laura Colin says:

    Agree with most of the points from “The Mountain and the Viper” just have a couple of I’d like a second opinion on. 
    Jorah, -2 for being convicted of treason and having an old plot revealed?Would Sansa get an extra point for revealing her manipulation of the council to Littlefinger?Would Ygritte get +2 for sparing Gilly?
    Any feedback would be appreciated!

  4. Shay says:

    Week 7 anybody? So close to the end now would love to carry on with this! Anybody done a scoring that they could share?

  5. dave says:

    any update on last weeks episode by any chance?

  6. Hodor says:

    Anyone have totals for week 5? I assume theres no chance of nerdist doing it :-/.

  7. Fraueny says:

    whoops i didnt realize he put points up for ep 4 instead of 5

  8. Fraueny says:

    I gave peter points for the same reason jamie did but also for getting some and i gave him points for ordering jon arryns death. I gave bodor and bran both points for killing locke. Tecnicaly it was bran but he used hodors body.

  9. Harrison says:

    Jamie, you are are saviour – thank you! It’s -so- much better to have scores set by an objective third party rather than having all of us arguing for our own characters :-)

    For the record, I’m pretty much in agreement with all your points – I’m giving Daenerys the full 326, as whether she has 10 or 1000 it doesn’t make any difference to the Iron Throne points.

  10. Justin says:

    Awesome, Jamie! I like your balancing points to keep order but still create a lot of points. I almost feel like there should be a standard point system used for ordering things at that level. Like a standard 25 or 50 points for mass execution or orders thereof.

  11. Derp says:

    Are we ever going to get episode 4 points posted?

  12. Hodor says:

    Sorry I mean episode 5

  13. Hodor says:

    Can you someone post points for week 4? I’m game master for my league but I missed the episode and I have no easy way to re-watch it.

  14. Jamie says:

    A proposal for the Oathkeeper Episode #4

    Notice a variance to prevent the Daenerys from running off with too many points.

    Baelish Petyr +1 for revealing elements of murder plot to Sansa
    Bronn +2 for manipulating Jaime to go see Tyrion in jail
    Grey Worm +4 for manipulating the slave leaders in Mereen Mereen
    Hodor -1 for being tortured by rebels at Crastor’s keep
    Lannister Jamie -1 for having to be manipulated to go see Tyrion
    +2 for getting Brienne to take Oathkeeper & Podrick to seek Sansa
    Stark Bran -1 for revealing name to rebels at Crastor’s
    Targaryen Daenerys +326 for the 163 crucified slavers of Mereen at +2 per
    (Optional to preserve balance) +22 for the 11 crufictions viewed on screen
    Tyrell Margaery +2 for secret visit to Tommen
    Tyrell Olenna +1 for revealing manipulations to Margery

    Ridiculous in house Points:
    Bratheon, Tommen +1 for cat named Sir Pounce

  15. Erica says:

    Without the “official” points posted I don’t know how to rule on Danny’s order to kill the slave owners. Does she get +2 points for all 164 she ordered to be nailed to the signposts? What have other leagues decided?

  16. David says:

    Disappointed this wasn’t updated last week…shame :(

  17. Fraueny says:

    5 days since episode 4 aired…Stats to follow soon?

  18. WEs says:

    Yes! Yes, we are Brandon

  19. Brandon says:

    I need a week 4 update! The league I manage is getting mad at me!! :)

  20. Ryan Hess says:

    Hello there, I just came across this site! I also love fantasy football! I looked online for a place I could create my own fantasy league for game of thrones and I did. Please check it out. I like your point system, although its different from my own (which i believe needs work).

    general site:

    my league:

  21. Justin Ross says:

    I am ok with waiting, as I’m sure this isn’t the only thing they have going on within the Nerdist Industry. Appreciate the points listings and having a really good time with this and our Sunday night group.

  22. Most new discussions are taking place in the episode recaps. so the thread is dedicated to the episode in particular.