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Exclusive: Which DC Characters Will Be on TNT’s THE TITANS?

It’s been several months now since we’ve heard anything official about TNT and Warner Bros.’ attempt at bring the classic DC Comics series The Teen Titans to the small screen, now known simply as The Titans. But recently casting has begun on the pilot, which has given us a first look at just who the lineup of the team will be for their first ever live action incarnation. Today on Nerdist News, Jessica Chobot is blowing the lid off of who exactly you can expect to see when the show debuts.



Dick Grayson is actually Robin in this iteration (at least at the start), but has left working alongside the Batman. Now a young adult, he is working as a detective in Boston. This is strikingly similar to the original Nightwing solo comic from the early ’90s from writer Chuck Dixon, in which Dick Grayson became a police officer in Gotham’s neighboring city of Bludhaven. The character of Dick Grayson, either as Robin or Nightwing, is one of the most iconic in all of comics, and has been very ill-served by recent live action incarnations. His portrayal in the Joel Schumacher Batman films was dismal, and he wasn’t even mentioned in the Christopher Nolan films (no, John “Robin” Blake doesn’t count). This could be a great opportunity for Dick Grayson to finally get some proper attention.


Barbara Gordon

Although never a member of any incarnation of the Teen Titans in the comics, she did have a long-standing romantic relationship with Dick Grayson, which makes her inclusion here make sense. In this version, she was once known as Batgirl, but now finds herself in a wheelchair. She’s the team’s resident computer hacker, reflecting the character’s time as Oracle in the comics. (That being said, she’s not referred to as Oracle in the pilot, but that could change.) There were many, many fans of this version of the character, who was unceremoniously sent away to limbo after the New 52 restored Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, so there should be many fans who are happy this version of Barbara will continue to exist somewhere.


Hawk and Dove

There have been several incarnations of the duo known as Hawk and Dove, who both have a long-standing tradition of being members of the Titans in the comics. The original Hawk and Dove were brothers Don and Hank Hall. Each brother was gifted with powers from the Lord of Order and Chaos. Don died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and was replaced with Dawn Granger as the new Dove, and eventually started dating Hawk. This seems to be the version they’re going with for the new series, as Hawk and Dove are set to be a romantic pairing. Also expect these two to have the biggest change from their classic comic book looks.



In the comics, it was Raven, daughter of the inter-dimensional demon Trigon, who brought the New Teen Titans together to fight her father. An empath as well as a teleporter, Raven always had to keep her emotions in check, or else she could accidentally unleash her demonic side. In the Geoff Johns’ run of Teen Titans in the early 2000s, he gave her the name Rachel Roth, which is how she is referred to in this pilot script.



The alien princess Koriand’r from the planet Tamaran was one of the most popular characters introduced in the New Teen Titans comics of the ’80s, as well as on the Teen Titans animated series from the early 2000’s. She (as well as Raven) only appear as buttons at the very end of the episode, but considering her romance with Dick Grayson in the comics was a big part of it, expect some kind of love triangle with Nightwing and Barbara Gordon should the series go forward.

Not included in the pilot script are Beast Boy/Changeling or Cyborg, two popular members from both the 1980s team and the cartoon series. Of course, if the pilot goes to series, either could show up later (although Warner Brothers seems intent on keeping Cyborg a member of the Justice League only, so his chance aren’t quite as good). Also unknown are whether or not this will be set in the same TV universe as The Flash and Arrow. If it is, we could see eventual appearances from Arsenal and possibly even Barry Allen (or a newly introduced Wally West).

What do you think of this lineup for a live action Teen Titans series? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. nightwing fan says:

    I don’t care if Nightwing is in Titans or gets his own show i just want to see my favorite superhero in action with a bad ass suit

  2. Grick Dayson says:

    annoying fake over excited presenter alert!

  3. Grick Dayson says:

    Pleased about the show, but ye gods the woman presetting this is annoying!

  4. hiray says:

    why all the pics from comics are of tim drake shouldnt be dick grayson

  5. Bobby Hutchinson says:

    The series should start with better known characters- Robin/Nightwing, Aqualad (either Garth or Kaldur’ahm) and Starfire… Then maybe some characters like Static, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian, Rocket or Zatanna could be woven into the first few episodes….
    And as the show progresses- bring in characters such as Raven or Beast Boy or Blue Beetle- followed up by Superboy and Batgirl and Bumblebee- maybe Aquagirl or Lagoon Boy could make appearances…..
    That’s just my take on it- as someone who never got into the comics but am a huge fan of the Movies & TV Series (both live-action and animated)…….

  6. Dean says:

    Puffy AmyYumi did the theme song for Teen Titans. Babymetal would be great for this theme song

  7. badolbear says:

    This sounds like a team that could kick butt !

  8. Damien hex says:

    If Starfire looks like that, i’ll be tuning in. Holy sh*t!

  9. Jay says:

    So no Superboy? Nightwing and Superboy are the only characters that actually kind of matter in the Teen Titans because they basically have almost a great history behind the Teen Titans instead of Hawk and Dove. A great addition is Kid Flash and Wonder Girl. Also Superboy, he can’t fly because flight in TV sucks and if they add wonder girl they have to take her flight away. And yes TNT and the CW are sister networks so they might have crossovers. If they put Superboy and Wonder Girl, they get together, Nightwing and Starfire get together, then they should Im just suggesting if they don’t put Beast Boy Raven should go with Kid Flash. Wonder Girl, Nightwing Superboy Raven Kid Flash Starfire. That’s the real Teen Titans. Then they should make Oracle a supporting character since Dick can hack computers already. These are just suggestions. 

  10. Jake says:

    So no Superboy then? I heard that they might put Superboy in the Show, that’s why I was hyped up about this show. Plus of Nightwing. and yes Tnt and Cw are Sister networks crossover might be possible. I think having Superboy would be great addition. Plus he can’t fly, because the affect of flying in TV are horrible, I do like the idea of Wonder Girl in the Show but they have to take her flight away. I also like the idea of Arsenal and Kid Flash on the show that would be the real Titans right there. Superboy, Nightwing, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Raven and Starfire. The six right there. Anyways Superboy and Wonder Girl get together, Starfire gets Nightwing, make Oracle a reappearing character. Raven gets Kid Flash, Arsenal gets Thea from Arrow. There problem solved. They don’t really need Oracle if Dick can hack things already. I was actually hoping that they should make a live action version of Young Justice. That show was great. 

  11. Ivebug says:

    Barbara and Dick belong together :)

  12. I think the lineup is alright for a start. Its a lot of girls and two guys… i guess they will add more as the seasons go by. If they do they definitely should add beast boy and CAST ME AS THE ROLES OF CYBORG (VICTOR STONE)…THAT WOULD MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! #CYBORG #VictorStone #FavoriteSuperHero #CharlesHuggins4Cyborg lol

  13. I think the line up is ok for the start…Its alot of girls…and two guys… Maybe as the seasons go by they will add more. If they do, they def should add Beastboy…AND LET ME PLAY THE ROLE OF CYBORG! :-).. THAT WOULD MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! LOL. 

  14. A.L. Hart says:

    I just want to audition! or at least find out how. Being a Teen Titan is a dream role.

  15. Really says:

    “Teen” titans, huh. Not “Young Adult” Titans?

  16. shaman says:

    I think Beast Boy should be in the pilot of the show because isn’t he on of the original Titan’s?  

  17. snnnj says:


  18. ed says:

    Wrong, oh so wrong.
    Goth Raven– she of the cartoon incarnation, the one my pre-teen nieces watched fo years– is now sexy and has bewbs.

    Thanks, legions of supposed DC fanboys for this t.v. version, Geoff Johns and the New 52! 

  19. Devin says:

    Beast boy?

  20. Chonemesis says:

    “When the titans return to tv”  Say that five times fast Chobot.  Betchya can’t!  Betchya!

  21. Mayra says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Yes please make this happen!!!

  22. josh says:

    folks..folks…fuck all ur banter and whining about sister networks and cross overs….This show needs the following…Robin and/or Nightwing…altho with the web series Nightwing..i’d say he’ll be Robin for most part…Raven and Starfire yes…as main characters not just people who show up occasionally….They need to be Sexy and Bad Ass….and the whole reason for me posting this—–BEAST BOY…i know..i know..the money spent on his Special effects would be huge…but..He needs to be in the show…Screw Hawk and Dove…end of rant lmao!

  23. suiller says:

    So all birds?