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Exclusive: Watch ‘Eskimo Brothers’, THE LEAGUE’S Jon Lajoie’s Newest Hip Hop Anthem

So much of FXX’s long-running comedy The League finds our favorite football-obsessed friends trying to take their purported pals down through various schemes to one-up them in fantasy football or generally embarrass them in front of as large of an audience as possible. Today, Taco (Jon Lajoie) puts an end to that with the latest joint from Taco Corp, “Eskimo Brothers”, a hip hop ballad to that time honored tradition of having slept with the same person as your friend. Sorry if you were hoping for a heartfelt ode to Inuit culture; that’s probably on regular old FX.

Instead, we have two minutes and change of celebrating that special kinship that two people share after they’re shared something else with a third party (what Snoop Dogg refers to as “ice fishing in the same hole”). God help you if you know what your brother’s vinegar strokes look like. One thing’s for certain — if you find out that Taco is your Eskimo Brother, you may want to get tested. Dude has been known to get up to some questionable hijinks. Remember the incident with the Three Penis Wine? Yeah, we thought so.

You can bump even more Jon Lajoie jams with The League Original Soundtrack on Amazon. The League returns to FXX on September 3 at 10PM ET. What’s your favorite Taco moment? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Inuits Have Internet Too says:

    Racist much? You know that the Inuit people have internet all the way up in the frozen north right?

  2. Jahnny Perez says:

    Perfect! Cant wait for the new season to kickoff