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EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Scene from Tonight’s Episode of MATADOR

EXCLUSIVE: Watch a Scene from Tonight’s Episode of MATADOR

Matador, the second scripted series from Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey network, premiered with a bang, announcing before the show had even aired its first episode that the action/spy series from Roberto Orci, Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie and Alex Orci would be coming back for a second season. Boasting a cast that includes Gabriel Luna, Nikki Whelan and Emmy award nominee Alfred Molina, Matador airs its third episode titled “Idol Worship” tonight on El Rey and Nerdist has an exclusive clip featuring Annie Mason (Nicky Whelan) and Noah Peacott (Neil Hopkins) in an edge-of-your-seat predicament.

After gaining new intel regarding Margot (played by Elena Satine), Tony (Luna) accompanies her to an auction where she’s set to go head-to-head with Galan (Molina) in a bidding war, allowing him and Galan to reach a new level of understanding. Meanwhile, persistent reporter Reyna Flores is one step closer to unraveling the mystery that is Tony Bravo.

Matador is the story of Tony Bravo, a DEA agent from East LA who’s recruited by the CIA to investigate the LA Riot by going undercover as one of their players. Tony will need the espionage skills to impress his handlers and fast footwork on the pitch, or the beautiful game could end in sudden death.

Matador, created by Roberto Orci, Dan Dworkin, Jay Beattie and Andrew Orci and starring Gabriel Luna, Alfred Molina, Nicky Whelan, Tanc Sade and Neil Hopkins, airs on the El Rey network Tuesdays at 9PM ET/PT. For more on the making of Matador, have a look at our four part production diary taking you behind the scenes of the series with pilot episode director Robert Rodriguez.