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EXCLUSIVE: This “Pacific Rim” Poster Will Mecha Your Day

TGIThursday, everyone! While it’s not quite the weekend yet, we’re still about to have us some fun with exclusive new art from Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming robots-versus-kaiju epic Pacific Rim. While we have to wait until summer 2013 to actually see the film, you can enjoy this awesome vintage propaganda poster right now from Spanish artist Raúl Monge (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy 2), a concept artist for Pacific Rim, which features one of the film’s Jaegers, the giant Gundam-like robots that the characters will pilot in the war against Godzilla’s lesser-known cousins. Even better? Those of you at New York Comic Con should head over to the Legendary booth at 2 pm EST on Friday to see Del Toro sign the artwork and check out costumes from the film or head to the Legendary panel on Friday at 5:15pm to see the artwork and plenty of other goodies, to boot.

To paraphrase what I imagine Guillermo Del Toro said when he saw this, “This looks dope as hell, you guys.” According to an official press release though, here’s what Del Toro actually said: “Raúl is one of my top concept designers. The idea with this particular piece was to emulate an old WWII propaganda poster/flyer that went along with the world we were creating. It symbolizes rationing – voluntary work force, no guts, no glory kind of heroism.”

Still not enough Pacific Rim for you? Well, Del Toro also announced a Pacific Rim graphic novel penned by the film’s writer Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans), which will serve as a prequel leading up to the events of the film. Listen, guys, you don’t really need to twist our arms when it comes to gargantuan robots wailing on monsters to determine the fate of the universe, but we’re always happy to get extra content. Are you excited to see Raleigh Antrobus (Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnam) piloting a massive mech and doing righteous battle with sea-dwelling eldritch creatures? Quemment below and let us know!