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Exclusive: THE WAKE #6 Preview

Exclusive: THE WAKE #6 Preview

It’s Monday morning and how are you spending it? Living in the present? That’s boring. Why not jump 200 years into the future by taking a sneak peek at Vertigo’s The Wake #6?

The second half of Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s suspenseful undersea thriller, The Wake, begins now and jolts us 200 hundred years into the future where the monsters have reclaimed the seas and humanity lives hand-to-mouth in floating shanty towns. We follow a young woman named Leeward who, at first, seems like she’s in imminent danger of getting devoured. As you’ll quickly see in this exclusive preview, Leeward can handle herself even when a horde of hungry mer-monsters are circling her like Lovecraftian sharks.


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  1. Michael says:

    Are you kidding me. I have so many Wake, questions I need answered.