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Exclusive: The Stormcloaks Take Broadway in SKYRIM: THE MUSICAL

cops-skyrim-420x215Move over, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, because there’s a new musical in town that looks like it could threaten the lives of every performer involved — Skyrim: The Musical! From Bryan Basham, the Skooma-swilling mastermind behind the Nerdist Channel original series COPS: Skyrim and The Real World: Whiterun, comes this commercial for what looks like a surefire lock for whatever the Imperial equivalent of a Tony Award is (a Talos-y?), or at the very least a Daedra Desk award.

Our only regret is that this commercial for the 6-week only production doesn’t include the showstopping number “Carry Your Burdens (I’m Sworn To)”. Alas and alackaday. Maybe we’ll finally hear its dulcet tones in the Act II DLC.

What do you think of Skyrim: The Musical? What do you think the song titles would be? Let us know in the comments below!