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Exclusive: The Comic-Con SCORPION Promo & Odds on a HAWAII FIVE-0 Crossover

Coming to television this fall, Scorpion focuses on a super team of geniuses brought together by Walter O’Brien, the fourth smartest man in the world. In addition to O’Brien’s contributions as a hacker, the company bankrolls a genius mechanical engineer, a psychologist and a mathematician that will stop terrorist threats, save lives and generally make an hour of incredibly fun television under the law enforcement watch of Robert Patrick. Here’s an exclusive 60 second promo that aired at Comic-Con International featuring the action from Justin Lin’s impressive pilot.

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman may have parted ways in their cinematic pursuits, but the duo was on hand at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about their new show Scorpion. We talked to the pair about making a show based on a real person and real cases as well as the pilot’s director Justin Lin. The specialty ensemble approach was a key to the strength of their reboot of Hawaii Five-O, so we had to know if there was a chance of the two worlds colliding. “Oh wow, I hadn’t even thought of that! I think it’s a great idea,” said Kurtzman. Orci emphatically jumped in, “Why not? Done.” 

The show’s mix of intelligence, personality and action is going to make for an interesting combo we haven’t seen since the hey day of MacGuyver and The A-Team (two dream crossovers mentioned by the cast and staff). We also spoke with producers Nicholas Wooten, Walter O’Brien and Nick Santora about the tone of the show, not dumbing it down, and making sure character is front and center. You can see them, as well as the cast’s thoughts on working with Justin Lin and Elyes Gabel’s excellent taste in crossover match ups in the video above.

Scorpion premieres September 22, 2014 on CBS.


  1. ally says:

    McGyver hated guns.  The A Team loved guns and explosives.