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EXCLUSIVE: Take a Sneak Peek at Dark Horse’s “The Guild” for FCBD

Still not convinced on the merits of Free Comic Book Day yet? What’s wrong with you? Do you hate fun or something? In case you’re still on the fence or if you’re just a fan of nerd heartthrob Felicia Day, check out this exclusive preview of Dark Horse‘s The Guild, which they’re giving away tomorrow at your local comic book store. As icing on the cake, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, head down to Golden Apple where Felicia and the cast of The Guild as well as Andrew Chambliss will be doing signings tomorrow from 11AM-1PM.

Be sure to check out our full coverage of what you can look forward to on Free Comic Book Day and, for heaven’s sake, go to your local comic book store and read some comics this weekend.


  1. DC says:

    Looks cool.

  2. Brandon says:

    I’m definitely picking this up tomorrow. Going to get to Midtown Comics early!