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EXCLUSIVE: Say Hello to Batman in DC’s “Earth 2 Annual” #1

EXCLUSIVE: Say Hello to Batman in DC’s “Earth 2 Annual” #1

While titles like Scott Snyder’s Batman and Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man may have received more attention in recent months, DC’s excellent Earth 2 has shown us another world (and laid some of the groundwork for Grant Morrison’s upcoming Multiversity) in which the DCU’s greatest heroes – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman – gave their lives to stop an Apokoliptian invasion at the hands of Darkseid and his Parademons. While it’s been a killer ride thus far watching James Robinson show the emergence of new heroes and the formation of the Justice Society, we couldn’t help but miss some of the heavy hitters.

Well, today our prayers have been answered, as the giant-sized Earth 2 Annual #1 crash lands into stores. Written by James Robinson, illustrated by Yildiray Cinar, CAFU, and Julius Gopez, and featuring a cover by Andy Kubert, the oversized issue introduces us to someone we’ve all been waiting for…the Batman of Earth 2. And because we love you guys, we’ve got some exclusive preview pages below to tantalize you until the fabric of the multiverse rips and it appears on store shelves tomorrow.


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Who do you think the Batman of Earth 2 will be? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. chris says:

    maybe they’ll go for John Blake?

  2. Ishu says:

    Guess it’s gonna be Thomas Wayne who took the cowl 5 years after the death of his son; or Damian Wayne such as in the issue 666 pre-flashpoint; or J-P Varley?

  3. Manjiscud says:

    I liked it better with Clancy Brown.

  4. Steph says:


  5. TheDVDGrouch says:

    Who says it has to be a man maybe it will be something crazy like Cassandre Cain or Stephanie Brown.

    Who am I kidding it will probably be Thomas Wayne or Alternate universe Damian.

  6. Cristian says:

    It will most likely be Dick Grayson again

  7. James says:

    It’s going to be the Earth 2 Jason Todd.

  8. Creepingobesity says:

    If it’s an Earth 2 Terry McGuinness I will give James Robinson a handjob.