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EXCLUSIVE: “Regular Show” #1 Back-Up Story Preview

regshow1coversrevisedFans of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show have an awful lot to be excited about next week, as BOOM! Studios launches Regular Show #1, a new ongoing series based on J.G. Quintel’s popular show of the same name. Written by KC Green and illustrated by Allison Strejlau, the comic preserves the show’s irreverent tone and seems like a natural fit for the comic book format.

Much like BOOM’s other hit title Adventure Time, Regular Show looks like it’ll be another feather in the publisher’s cap as it rolls out on the all-ages KaBOOM! Studios imprint. Like the show’s tagline indicates, if you’re expecting normalcy from this comic, “It’s anything but…” To help get you as stoked as we are to read about Mordecai the blue jay and Rigby the raccoon’s off-screen adventures, we have an exclusive preview of issue #1’s back-up story, “Thrill Baby,” which is written and illustrated by Brian Butler. So, read on and strap in as Mordecai, Rigby and lovable yeti Skips prepare to ride the Face Melter, the most imposing roller coaster you’ve ever seen.





Plus, check out all six of the collectible covers from artists Nick Edwards, Nathan Fox, Phil McAndrews, John Allison and colorist Joanna Estep, Brian Butler and Chuck BB

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