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EXCLUSIVE: Preview BOOM! Studios’ “Supurbia” #9

EXCLUSIVE: Preview BOOM! Studios’ “Supurbia” #9

With all the insipid Real Housewives series dominating our airwaves, one could be forgiven for approaching Grace Randolph’s BOOM! Studios series Supurbia with some apprehension. Fortunately, the series, which revolves around the spouses of superheroes, gives us an oddly human take on the minutiae of superheroism and the realities of being married to a metahuman, brought to life by Russell Dauterman’s artwork.

Issue #8 left the Meta Legion in ruins after the Galactic Protection Systems Expo ended in tragedy. Now, Helen and Gio have been captured by evil forces as the shapeshifter “Ruth”‘s evil plans start to come to pass. Issue #9 marks the beginning of a new arc, making it the perfect time to get onboard this awesome train.


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  1. Alexander says:

    I love Supurbia so much *________* Beautiful art and interesting plot :))) Thank you for posting preview :)