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Exclusive: JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #32 Preview

Exclusive: JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #32 Preview

While we still may be a ways away from a Guillermo Del Toro-directed Justice League Dark movie, there’s still plenty of reasons to get down with everyone’s favorite occult magic-using, supernatural menace-stopping superteam, the eponymous Justice League Dark. When we last left our fair heroes, they were fighting to save Zatanna’s soul in a dimension known as The Between. Nighmare Nurse sacrificed herself for the greater good, but will it all be for naught? Find out in our exclusive preview of J.M. DeMatteis, Andres Guinaldo, and Walden Wong’s Justice League Dark #32coming to stores June 30 from DC Comics.


Here’s the official description:

Lost in the living dimension called The Between, the Justice League Dark fights to save Zatanna’s soul! Will Nightmare Nurse’s sacrifice save them all or damn them to an eternity of nothingness?

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