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Exclusive: DC’s TALON #11 Preview

Exclusive: DC’s TALON #11 Preview

It’s not easy being an Owl in Gotham City, especially when your one-time court members are hell bent on killing you and you find yourself on Bane’s prison island surrounded by juiced-up maniacs who want nothing more than to turn you into a thin, red pulp. Such is the life of Calvin Rose and such is the situation we find our fine, feathered hero in at the outset of Talon #11. Things aren’t too great for Casey Washington, either, who gets herself purposefully taken into Gotham City Police Dept. in a last ditch effort to contact Batman before it’s too late and the Court of Owls rule the roost.

James Tynion IV and artist Miguel A. Sepulveda, who took over for Guillem March, have transformed this one-time Batman villain into a serious must-read title of his own, and we’re proud to present you with the exclusive sneak preview of Talon #11, courtesy of our pals over at DC Comics.


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And there you have it! What do you think of Talon so far? Let us know in the comments below!