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Exclusive: DC’s BATMAN ’66 Chapter 13 Preview

Before Batfleck, before Bale, before Bat-nipples and before Jack Nicholson made $50 million to play himself in clown make-up, there were Adam West and Burt Ward, camping it up in the classic 1966-68 Batman television series. For various boring legal reasons that I’m not going to get into right now (this is why Google is your friend), the camptastic version of Batman and Robin from the old show has had to lie dormant in the Bat-cave for several decades now in almost every form of media, outside basic syndication. But now it is back with a vengeance, with new Batman ’66 toys, t-shirts, Halloween costumes and, of course, a new comic book series from DC Comics.


The latest issue of Batman ’66 features one of the many original villains created for the series, the Sandman. No, not the comic book Sandman that all the goth kids love; this one was created for the show, and was an international criminal who uses hypnotic sand to control sleepwalkers. He was played by actor Michael Rennie, best known for his role as Klaatu in the science fiction classic The Day the Earth Stood Still. The latest part of the Batman ’66 comic, chapter 13, hits today as a digital first installment. Written by Jeff Parker and with art from Rubén Procopio, and featuring a cover by Madman and X-Statix creator Mike Allred, Batman ’66 brings back the fun of the swinging sixties back into the not-so-Dark Knight’s life.

Check out the first four pages in our gallery:

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