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Exclusive: DC’s ACTION COMICS #23.4 Preview

Metallo, one of Superman’s most famous and formidable bad guys, has appeared already in the New 52 continuity, as John Corben,a soldier in service to General Sam Lane (that’s Lois’ dad, FYI. And Corben kinda/sorta dated Lois too.) In the new continuity, Corben underwent a procedure to become a cyborg weapon in the fight against aliens, namely Superman, in what was called the “Metal-Zero” project. This of course led to much punching with the Man of Steel, and ultimately a takeover of Metallo’s operating system by Brainiac. Last time we saw John Corben, his heart burst on the inside, and only the alien technology of Brainiac kept him more or less living, but in a coma. But comic book comas last even less time than comic book deaths, so as part of the villain take over at DC, it looks like Metallo is back with a vengeance in Action Comics #23.4: Metallo.


Writer Sholly Fisch (The All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and artist Steve Pugh (Animal Man) are about to bring Metallo back from the brink in the latest Forever Evil tie-in issue, but with Superman and the Justice League gone, will Metallo be a good guy or a bad guy? And just how crazy has Metallo gone not being able to move all these months? And how long before he goes head to head with Ultraman? We may see the beginnings of answers to these and other questions in this exclusive sneak preview of Action Comics #23.4, courtesy of our friends over at DC Comics.

Check out the first four pages in our gallery:




  1. Andrew Brundrett says:

    I’m not bothering to buy these issues until they are done with the trinity war letdown/crime syndicate lameness. When are the wonder twins coming back? How many lame villains can we revive? And they managed to erase all the golden heroes with the new 52? Thanks a lot.