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Exclusive: DC Comics’ CONSTANTINE #16 Preview

Exclusive: DC Comics’ CONSTANTINE #16 Preview

If menus around the world are the be believed, the forests of Germany are a culinary wonderland, chock a block with rich chocolate cakes and sumptuous hams. If the Brothers Grimm are to be believed, they’re a woodland hellhole teeming with cautionary tales, dead kids, and demonic creatures. Unfortunately, for John Constantine, it seems that he’s in the latter of the two forests and he’s locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse with assassins from the Cult of the Cold Flame. Will Constantine be able to find the mystic healer he’s searching for or will the Stained Claw get to him first? Find out in our exclusive preview of DC Comics’ Constantine #16 by Ray Fawkes, Jay Leisten, and Edgar Salazar.

Cover by Juan Ferreyra

Cover by Juan Ferreyra

Here’s the official description:

John Constantine travels deep into Germany’s Black Forest to prevent Cold Flame assassins from killing an innocent mystic healer – until hunter becomes prey as John finds himself chased down by the ravenous, vicious beasts of the Stained Claw!

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  1. therealjoxer says:

    Stuck with it through the entire Vertigo run, had to drop it hard shortly after it went DC mainstream.

  2. The Black Forest may be rough, but the worst thing to happen to John Constantine remains Ray Fawkes.