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Exclusive: DC Comics’ BATMAN BEYOND Chapter 31 Preview

Exclusive: DC Comics’ BATMAN BEYOND Chapter 31 Preview

Poor Terry McGinnis  just can’t seem to catch a break. Granted, the futuristic version of Gotham City is overrun by drug-addled, Joker-worshipping thugs, but poor Terry stills winds up with his father murdered by a man he’d once considered a friend, Vigilante. Last chapter, the Jokerz had infected Vigilante with Joker Venom, and turned him on his one-time friend. Now, to make matters worse, Vigilante is dead too, and Terry is having trouble reconciling everything that just happened. With Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 31, which releases tomorrow wherever digital comics are sold, the “Mark of the Phantasm” arc comes to a close, and we will soon be returning to the present day status quo. Written by Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel, and featuring art from returning artist Thony Silas, Batman Beyond 2.0 Chapter 31:


Batman Beyond 2.0 is available tomorrow via the DC Comics App,, iBooks,, Google Play, Kindle Store, and the Nook Store for $.99.

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  1. CaptainObvious says:

    Batman Beyond movie.  Make it happen.