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Exclusive: DC Comics’ AQUAMAN #34 Preview

Exclusive: DC Comics’ AQUAMAN #34 Preview

Poor Aquaman — DC’s King of the Seas just can’t seem to catch a break. Not only are conspirators coming out of the woodwork back in Atlantis, but the arrival of a dangerous new foe, Chimera, is looking like he might be too much for our flaxen-haired fishman to handle. Things seem to be heading from bad to worse in Aquaman #34 as Chimera demonstrates the full breadth of his aquatic abilities, thrashing Aquaman both on land and under the sea. In our exclusive preview of DC Comics’ Aquaman #34 by Jeff Parker, Sean Parsons, and Paul Pelletier, Aquaman is assaulted with everything from corrosive vomit to squid ink (not the kind you’d want on your risotto) to angry sharks and beyond. Can Aquaman turn the tides on his assailant or is he going to go belly up? Find out in our preview below.



Here’s the official description:

“The ruthless Chimera has arrived to destroy Aquaman – and Arthur may not be powerful enough to stop him! But with Atlantis in turmoil, does he have any allies left to save him?”

Aquaman #34 is available this Wednesday, August 27, at your local comic book store. Have you been reading Aquaman? What do you hope to see happen? Let us know in the comments below.