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Exclusive: Dark Horse Unveils Zack Whedon’s SERENITY: LEAVES ON THE WIND

Exclusive: Dark Horse Unveils Zack Whedon’s SERENITY: LEAVES ON THE WIND

Ten years since Joss Whedon’s western-in-space cult classic Firefly went off the air, the rabidity of its fandom, better known as the Browncoats, hasn’t waned at all. Rather, since the advent of streaming video services like Netflix, the show has found even more fans, as its fourteen episodes and subsequent follow-up film, Serenity, became more easily accessible than ever for those of us who maybe missed the boat back in 2002-2003. Couple that with Joss Whedon’s unparalleled success at the box office with 2012’s Avengers, and you have a fever pitch for all things in which the Firefly maestro has had a hand. But the perennial petitions to bring Firefly back from the grave aren’t going to get the job done. No, Firefly/Serenity‘s phoenix is rising from the ashes of cancellation in a different form: a comic book.


After teasing fans for months with a #WheresSerenity social media campaign, Dark Horse Comics is kicking off NYCC with a bang, revealing to Nerdist that its much-whispered about Firefly-verse comic is finally here, and it’s even got a Whedon, to boot. Break out a bowl of strawberries to celebrate, because Zack Whedon is officially going to write Serenity: Leaves on the Wind, a six issue mini-series for Dark Horse Comics with the potential to be ongoing. We already knew that the delightful Georges Jeanty (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) would be handling artwork, but pairing the artist with Zack Whedon seems like a match made in nerd heaven. Now, we are faced with the Sisyphean task of containing our excitement until January 29th, when the first issue finally hits stands.

Despite being related to the franchise’s creator, a property like Serenity has a lot of fan expectation attached to it. As one commenter wrote on the #WheresSerenity announcement page, “If you eff this up….consequences.” Granted, most of those consequences will come in the form of angry digital fist-shaking, but no one wants to anger their audience. Fortunately, Whedon has considerable experience working on comic books based on existing franchises like Terminator and Star Wars, so this isn’t his first rodeo based on a beloved title. If anything, Firefly’s well-established world allows Whedon “to find these characters’ voices more easily, probably because I have so much existing material to draw from.”


As for the pressure, Whedon feels up to the task, noting that “the challenge is to create something that feels of a piece with the existing franchise… but the Serenity/Firefly world is where I feel most confident.” He added, “beyond that, the challenge is to make something good, something that feels like it is building on what is already there rather than just mimicking it.” Serenity: Leaves on the Wind allows Whedon to “plow forward into the future of these characters and tell new stories which has been a lot of fun.” Don’t worry, though, he’s cognizant of the degree to which fans have been craving more Firefly in their life: “I know fans have been starving for story, so I don’t hold back in that regard.”

For the most part, Whedon was left to his own devices in crafting the Leaves on the Wind narrative. Considering how Joss collaborated with other brother Jed on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I was curious if Joss was something of a backseat driver where Leaves on the Wind was concerned. Zack noted that comic books are “one medium where you can reduce the number of cooks in the kitchen, and I love that.” The pair had a general conversation before Zack got started to talk about “stories they were thinking about doing if the series had gone forward and such.” Since that conversation though, Joss has left him alone, partly due to the immense amount on his plate, and has given Zack a chance to make the story his own. Ever humble, Zack also noted, “Hopefully he’ll enjoy what I did… Yikes.”

From what we’ve seen so far, he’s done just that. The subtitle, Leaves on the Wind, is a reference to Wash’s final words (“I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I…”), so, clearly, the story takes place in the aftermath of that fatal encounter with the Reavers. According to Zack Whedon, the story moves forward about nine months later, 39 weeks, which means that if Zoe had gotten pregnant before Wash’s untimely demise, she’d be about to give birth. Spoiler Alert: We are out in the middle of nowhere when the story begins. The crew is hiding out. They dealt a blow to the Alliance at the end of Serenity and now they’re suffering the consequences. A ragtag crew on the lam? Sounds familiar…in a good way.

Cover by Georges Jeanty, Karl Story and Laura Martin

Cover by Georges Jeanty, Karl Story and Laura Martin

That being said, we grilled Zack in an effort to find out what we could and could not look forward to from Leaves on the Wind. First and foremost, will there be Wash flashbacks aplenty? “No, not really,” Whedon confessed. “I called it that because I felt like it was a way to honor Wash and the effect his death had on the crew. They are still reeling from that event in many ways, and beyond that they are drifting a bit, pushed all over the ‘verse by forces out of their control.” Sorry you had to find out this way, Wash fans, but honestly, this is better for the grieving process.

Are there any other narrative no-fly zones for Whedon? On the Firefly reunion special last year, Morena Baccarin revealed that if the show were to have continued, that her character, Inara, would have revealed that she had a terminal illness. Is this unused plot thread going to be picked up or discarded? According to Whedon, no, but he hopes “someone else will pick that up in a future run.” And when questioned about whether we’d encounter the Blue Sun Corporation, the author was quite succinct: “Nope!”

So no Blue Sun, no Wash, no terminal Inara – now that we know what we can’t expect, what can we look forward to? What sort of hijinks and adventures can we expect the Serenity crew to get up to in the new book? “Hijinks do not ensue much in this series,” Whedon explains. “They’re too ‘almost dying’ for that.” In the wake of events of the Serenity film, “they are on the defensive a bit, they’ve been painted one way by the media and the Alliance is trying to stamp them out harder than ever,” he said. For those of you hoping for some lighter-hearted adventuring, Whedon remains optimistic. “Hopefully when this adventure is done, they’ll be able to hijinks it up a bit more.”

Speaking of “when this adventure is done,” that is, perhaps, the most burning of questions related to this new announcement: will Leaves on the Wind continue after its six issue run? Potentially, but not with Whedon attached. “I sincerely hope that someone will take the baton when I am done,” the writer told us. “I am leaving a lot on the table to play with and resolve. I think it would be amazing if the book was passed from writer to writer, each one putting their stamp on it, telling the stories they wanted to see in the series.”

Before we go, take a look at this exclusive painted cover of Serenity: Leaves on the Wind from artist Dan Dos Santos:

Cover by Dan Dos Santos

Cover by Dan Dos Santos

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind, written by Zack Whedon and illustrated by Georges Jeanty, is coming to a local comic book store near you on January 29, 2014. What do you think of this announcement? Are you excited to return to the world of Serenity in comic book form? Let us know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter.

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  1. Clayton says:

    The article states “if Zoe had gotten pregnant before Wash’s untimely demise, she’d be about to give birth.” She definitely is pregnant, as seen in two previous post-Serenity one-shots from Dark Horse, “Serenity: Float Out” and the Free Comic Book Day 2012 issue Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64.

  2. DenJen49 says:

    Whoa, I am really looking forward to the continuing saga. I hope there is a lot of character delving, to pull us into the stories.

  3. C101Monte says:

    Joss and Zack wrote Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale which I enjoyed the most of all the comics that have come out so far. Very excited for this!

  4. michaelalexkawa says:

    The art seems really nice ,and the idea is great . I do wish some loose ends will be addressed ,but I will just let it flow ,knowing it is in good hands .

  5. Brian says:

    I don’t own or collect comic books…but I’ll be getting these! Finally more Serenity!

  6. Ian says:

    The other comics were just meh – this looks like more of the same. Weak storylines, with no flesh on the bones. Such a shame.

  7. JoannaWG says:

    Shiny! It’s great seeing more comics coming down the pipeline for the beloved Serenity crew. I hope that this run is very well received, and we get many more continuation stories.

  8. Justin West says:

    On a related not, T-Shirts are being sold that comeorate Wash, and profits from which go to Charity! You can find them here:
    and here:


  9. richard says:

    it’s cool we’re gonna get more Firefly, but going from the stuff of Zack’s I’ve read, I’m not really a fan. It’s a shame, Dark Horse could do a season 2 of Firefly, pick up where the movie left off, explore the mythology of the show a bit. Instead we’re getting what sounds like another half baked “Oh, a Firefly comic’ll make us some quick money, lets do that.”

  10. SharlzG says:

    well, aint that alll kindsa shiny. Be contacting my comic book store in the morning to make sure this is on my want list and, when it arrives, you’ll find me in my bunk (because I’ll be busy reading and don’t need know distractions 🙂

  11. Kip says:

    O know a great animation studio here in Taiwan that is out of a job (after Disney killed the starwars) if anyone wants to go the next step. 🙂

  12. IamJoseph says:

    Well that is nice news. I had hoped for an interstitial animated series set between the original series and the film using the same level of animation as Archer, perhaps payed for by kickstarter and run on Hulu or Netflix before arriving on DVD. But I guess gold may not be platinum but it still doesn’t tarnish.

    I shall buy this, and read it. But I’m bad with comics, so I’ll have to wait for the TPB or Hardcover. And I hope, somehow, Badger is involved.

  13. Jill says:

    Already added it to my pull list at the comic store!

  14. Chris Dunsby says:

    It’s not often that I’ll get worked up about a comic; but my mind was finally changed by the intriguing graphic novella Starcraft by Simon Furman and Federico Dallocchio. Now there are better and more interesting starcraft books out there; I’m just saying don’t auto-dismiss this because its a “comic book”. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s for kids! Besides, if the sales return on this are as good as I’m pretty confident that they will be they may consider another movie or perhaps even a revival of the series – or some offshoot thereof. So vote with your $$$ if you really want to see this story (or mroe accurately these stories) continue. Just consider your new graphic novella to be an added bonus! 🙂 (Actually that opening sequence in the series where they loose their air support always reminded me of the original Starcraft movie, with the Marine looking up as the Battle cruiser pulls away, leaving them to the zerglings….

  15. Otto66 says:

    The book will be at comicshops or downloadable from the Dark Horse website come Jan 2014.

  16. Gavirio Vicuta says:

    About frakking time!

  17. Rachel Strzelecki says:

    Oh unbelievably shiny! I ALREADY own the other Dark Horse Serenity comic, but when I saw the headline in my email, I thought it read series…not comic series and truly fan-girl squealed..then read the article…not quite the same squeal, but still so excited!!!

  18. Matt says:

    Who cares. I mean, the comics are great, but it’s a new season the fans are clamouring for. People who talk about how you couldn’t do it anymore because the actors have aged seriously lack imagination. You wouldn’t set the new season immediately after the events of Serenity, you’d set it ten years later. Imagine what you could do with that universe if you allowed that ten years had passed, nearly anything could be different. The Alliance might be in shambles after it was leaked to the public that they were responsible for the creation of the reavers, plus Zoe was pregnant when Wash died, so there’d be a kid running around, Wash and Book are gone so there are two whole roles to fill with new characters etc. The possibilities are staggering.

  19. Megan says:

    Oh, the Happiness! Is this an international release date or just US? Oh, the Places we will go! Thank you Whedon and Co!

  20. Far_Seeker says:

    A series of mini-series ala most Star Wars titles, I can live with that. Not who should be the first in line for the next story. I wouldn’t mind seeing resident SW scribe extraordinaire, John Ostrander.

  21. BSL says:

    Jeanty? Really? Why must all the exciting Whedon-verse comics be ruined by this terrible artist! I kinda like being able to recognise the characters in my comics, thanks.

  22. Joey says:

    Where can I pick this up at when it comes out ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My excitement knows no bounds!

  23. Captain Jacqueline "Jack" Slade says:

    January 29, 2014, I’ll be first in line at the comic store to get my copy of Leaves on the Wind!

  24. Alana Dill says:

    So excited!

  25. Mr.Floppy says:

    At least is a miniseries. I don’t want it to be an ongoing (that turned to pretty bad for Buffy’s S8 and 9).

  26. Noelle says:


  27. eze1 says:

    Super exciting, but damn… I was hoping Inara would end up dying. Talk about an annoying character. At least her terminally ill thing made her interesting and her behavior explainable. I know, I know, a lot of people love her, but I feel like she’s the weakest female character he’s ever created. I really wish Shepard would have ended up sticking around and she would have left.

  28. Jonnelle says:

    *fangirl squeals*

    This is so shiny, it’s blinding.

    It’s a chocolate covered strawberry hidden in a ice planet that is so not problematic.

  29. Hopefully the people that read this post, go back and pick up the already published Firefly comics Dark Horse has put out

  30. Jesse says:

    Can’t wait! A comic book is the perfect way to continue the franchise. Actors age, some gracefully, some not so well, but with comics, you can keep them at the age they were when they filmed the TV show. Firefly will probably never return, and if it did, it wouldn’t be the same. But at least with Dark Horse launching a comic we can imagine if it did. Keep flyin’.