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Exclusive: Behold Terry Dodson’s PROJECT BLACK SKY SAMPLER Cover for Dark Horse Comics

Exclusive: Behold Terry Dodson’s PROJECT BLACK SKY SAMPLER Cover for Dark Horse Comics

You’ve had a long day, huh? You deserve a treat. Take the edge off of your work week with a nice, juicy Dark Horse exclusive in the form of Terry Dodson’s gorgeously illustrated cover to the Project Black Sky Sampler. A veritable smorgasbord of Dark Horse’s Project Black Sky universe offerings, the sampler includes Blackout #1, Brain Boy #0, The Occultist II #1, and Ghost #1, so you’ll get to experience all of the superheroics you may have been missing in one convenient package. While you’ll have to wait until October 15, 2014 to pick it up from your local comic book store, you can read this exclusive quote from Dark Horse editor Jim Gibbons, then ogle the beauty of Dodson’s cover to tide you over.

“As the larger mythos beneath Project Black Sky starts coming to the surface this year, we wanted to give folks a chance to jump on at the beginning with some of exciting characters that have been starring in miniseries—Occultist, Brain Boy, and Blackout, as well as Ghost, whose ongoing series is the youngest. The issues within this sampler, which features a gorgeous Terry Dodson cover, introduce these characters and their connections to larger aspects of the Black Sky universe. Brain Boy #0 explains Brain Boy’s connection to Albright Industries Bio-Vancements division and ponders what their true agenda is. Blackout #1 introduces a character searching for answers and readers should pay attention to the major players that Blackout runs up against. Occultist #1 showcases an aspect of the world, the magic, that hasn’t bled out into other titles, but when it does… well, stay tuned. And Ghost #1 stars a heroine that can pass between worlds, but that, of course, begs the question of “Worlds? Plural?” In short, these issues each feature seeds that will be hugely important in the future of the Project Black Sky books.”


Are you digging the Project Black Sky line from Dark Horse? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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