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Exclusive: BATMAN ’66 #9 Preview

Exclusive: BATMAN ’66 #9 Preview

Holy heat stroke, Batman! The throwback action continues in the latest issue of Batman ’66, which finds our fair heroes quite literally up to their necks in trouble. Just how did Batman and Robin wind up buried neck-deep in sand, surrounding by venomous scorpions? Well, it might have a little something to do with Zelda the Great, a magician-turned-criminal masquerading under the supremely surreptitious nom-de-guerre The Great Griselda.

Batman and Robin may be on their way to a ’60s-tastic team-up with The Green Hornet and Kato, but first they’ve got to figure their way out of this one. Bet they’re wishing they’d packed the Bat-Scorpion Repellent now, huh? In the meantime, check out our exclusive preview of Batman ’66 #9 by Jeff Parker, Ruben Procopio, and Craig Rousseau, courtesy of our friends at DC Comics.

Batman 66 9 Cover

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