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Exclusive: Ah-Ha! A New Clip from ALAN PARTRIDGE

Nobody’s had more career ups and downs than television chat show host-turned-local 4:00 am radio DJ-turned-satellite radio host Alan Partridge, but just as things look to be turning around for him when North Norfolk Digital is bought by the enormous Shape media conglomerate, he becomes the centerpiece of a hostage situation and is the only one who can negotiate… or, that’s what he believes anyway. He has quite the high opinion of himself.

This all goes down in the comedy film Alan Partridge (known in the U.K. as Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa), the latest outing for the popular character created and played by comic genius Steve Coogan. We have an exclusive clip of the film, out in theaters and on iTunes and VOD beginning today, Friday, April 4th:

Coogan originated the pompous and self-centered Partridge for the 1991 BBC Radio 4 program On the Hour, which became the television show The Day Today in which Partridge was the inept sports reporter way out of his depth. His first solo effort came in the fictional chat show Knowing Me, Knowing You, in which Partridge insulted guests he didn’t think were particularly interesting and also have them join him in voicing his catchphrase, “Ah-Ha!”

After the fictional failure of the show, Alan got a job at Radio Norwich, working graveyard in the series I’m Alan Partridge, living out of a hotel halfway between London and Norwich and desperately trying to get another television series, even as people graffiti things like “Cock Piss Partridge” on the side of his car.

Now in his first feature film appearance, Alan Partridge must attempt to broker a peaceful surrender of a gunman, former radio station employee Pat (Colm Meaney), let go by the merger, before people get hurt. Naturally, Partridge uses this an excuse to return to the greater British public eye, maybe even… the WORLD!

Alan Partridge was a hit last year in Europe and makes its way to our fair shores beginning April 4th in select theaters and on iTunes and VOD. Check out the theatrical trailer below. Knowing me, I’ll probably see it; knowing you, you should too:

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  1. East Coast Mermaid USA says:

    love Steve Coogan. This new Alan P film should be terrific.