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EXCLUSIVE: A Simple Walk Into Mordor, Episode 3

Why, it seems like just the other day that we showed you Episode 2 of Rooster Teeth’s four-part web series A Simple Walk Into Mordor, in which Rooster Teeth’s own Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais are walking for six days and over 120 miles across New Zealand from Hobbiton (Matamata) to Mount Doom (Mount Ngauruhoe) to prove that it is possible to “simply walk into Mordor.” It WAS the other day, come to think of it. And now, is privileged to get the opportunity to debut episode 3 of the series right here, right now; you’ll see it here first.

In this episode, our intrepid Hobbit-wanna-bes are beset by blisters and possible volcanic eruptions (really), and that’s before they encounter an even bigger obstacle: a 70km stretch of highway with practically no shoulder and lots of traffic. There’s a stop in Whakamaru, which is pronounced… well, watch the video. And there are more blisters, including — you have been warned — hot popping action. Also pooping action, because they end up far from private facilities. (You don’t actually SEE that, of course.)

As I said, this is a Nerdist exclusive, at least until the episode launches later today on and, where you’ll find the previous episodes. Go check them out there, and remember that the guys from Rooster Teeth will be featured on an upcoming episode of Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling, so subscribe to the Nerdist Channel so you know when it’s available.