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Evil FX’s Didact Cosplay From HALO 4 is Intense

Evil FX’s Didact Cosplay From HALO 4 is Intense

[Image via Evil FX Facebook page]

Alright everyone planning some Halo 4 cosplay, we’re all set for the Didact – Evil FX has recreated him and it’s perfect. The 2013 video below shows how the props and FX artists at Evil FX recreated the Halo 4 villain step-by-step using a collection of solid pieces of armor and latex elements.

The Didact, for those of you not in the know, was the giant guy that the Master Chief kept trying to kill in Halo 4. He’s one of those Forerunners/Prometheans we’ve been hearing so much about throughout the series’ fiction, the ultra-advanced race responsible for creating the Halo installations and containing the Flood and their spread throughout the galaxy.

The character was first introduced in the novel Halo: Cryptum from writer Greg Bear which featured the character being released from imprisonment (the first time) in order to help save his people from annihilation. Clearly, he wasn’t exactly successful, with Halo 4 seeing him attempting to resurrect his missing (dead) people through super science shenanigans, and possible genocide. Because man, does he hate humans for some reason or other.

While we’re waiting to find out how/if the Didact will return in Halo 5: Guardians, we’ve got this character sheet-perfect recreation here. The best part: it lights up. All of the orange, bioluminescent glowing featured in his futuristic armor is replicated here, with a slow and steady strobing effect for extra badassery. The final product looks great and also impossible to move around in.

[H/T @SixOkay]