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Everything Is Questioned in the New Trailer for HBO’s THE LEFTOVERS

Everything Is Questioned in the New Trailer for HBO’s THE LEFTOVERS

The closer we get to the premiere of Damon Lindelof’s latest television outing, The Leftovers, the more intrigued we become. So far all the promos have been mysterious and highly fascinating. The tone set by the former Lost showrunner and director Peter Berg is turning into something we want to see, as made evident by the latest trailer for the series:

It appears we’re starting to get a glimpse into the most pressing question the series needs to answer: was what happened THE Rapture? If it was, many of “the leftovers” are questioning the qualifications for rescued souls, since most seemed no more special than the ones left behind. Hopefully, the meat of the series will come from the grounded, personal stories of regular people who have had their lives shattered by the event. What that could lead to is anyone’s guess, but, based on this trailer, it looks like it could lead to some mighty fine television.

At this point, there isn’t much more selling HBO needs to do. We want to see this show, and we want to see it now. Cross your fingers it fills the void after Game of Thrones ends this Sunday.

The Leftovers premieres June 29th at 10/9c on HBO.

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  1. Carrie says:

    I almost called “bullshit” on this show. Coming from a Christian who doesn’t give an F about the rapture. But since this is HBO and Game of Thrones is ending, I’ll give this a try. It’s that or watch premium cable or foreign shows I download from the net.