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Everyone is Tempting the Devil Inside in Latest GAME OF THRONES Trailer

Everyone is Tempting the Devil Inside in Latest GAME OF THRONES Trailer

Sometimes we consider praying to HBO as if they were one of the old gods (or the new), because the amount of goodies they’ve supplied to fans of Game of Thrones in the lead-up to the season four premiere feels nearly unparalleled. And following the red carpet premiere, the forces behind the George R.R. Martin fantasy novels-turned-television series have graced us with yet another trailer. We’re feeling like the Mother of Dragons up in this piece — only instead of dragons we have trailers. Lots and lots of trailers!

The tension-filled teaser for the upcoming season focuses on the temptations and power-grabbing that taunts and titillates so many of the power-players in Westeros and beyond. Unlike previous trailers, this one gives a few more hints into the machinations going on within each faction: the hunt for Arya Stark, a vendetta to kill all of the remaining Starks to capture the North, Dany’s increasingly complicated quest to bring peace to Slaver’s Bay while mothering 3 very temperamental dragons, Bran’s continued quest North, and of course the twincest-y complications of the siblings Lannister. And with a pitch-perfect song like “Devil Inside” by London Grammar tying the whole thing together, it’s safe to say you’ve done it again, you GoT scallywags, you!

What’s your favorite part of the latest trailer? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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  1. hutchero says:

    Good to see Brandon Stark going for the regency fopp look this season