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Everybody’s Dragon Fighting in the DRAKENGARD 3 Launch Trailer

Everybody’s Dragon Fighting in the DRAKENGARD 3 Launch Trailer

Drakengard 3 is out for the PlayStation 3 this week, and publisher Square Enix has released a launch trailer for the hack-and-slash/dragon combat game.

The good word from the publisher:

The world is ruled by Intoners, six sisters who wield vast magical power through the gift of song. But when Zero, the eldest sister, appears alongside her dragon to murder her sisters, chaos is unleashed. Prepare to face hordes of enemies in high-octane, hack and slash combat and take to the skies on dragon back to assault foes from above. Carnage has never looked so beautiful.

Wait, but Zero is the protagonist, right? Seriously, from the sounds of it, Zero could not care any less about the action happening onscreen. “Oh, a god? Yawn.” Hack, hack, hack, slash, slash, slash.

Think of it as Dynasty Warriors featuring an almost impossibly relaxed protagonist (white-clad heroine Zero), which – uh-oh – turns into Panzer Dragoon every once in a while.

I’ve been away from the series since 2006’s Drakengard 2 on the PS2, but my memories of that game are mostly positive: a lot of busy, on-screen action peppered with an overly-complex (but never dull) storyline about the bad things that happen when you bring dragons to war.

The latest installment seems to take a harder turn into fantasy territory what with the magical sisters and all, and it’s from the team that developed the PS3 franchise Nier (some of them developers of the now shuttered studio Cavia).

What do you think? Will you be picking up Drakengard 3 this week?