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Every Bond Movie – Five Minutes at a Time

This is one of the most interesting and coolest mash-up experiments I’ve seen in a while. A YouTube channel called simply “James Bond” has posted a video of all 22 EON-produced Bond films (pre-Skyfall) in five minute increments, running close to two hours.

“So what!?” you yell unnecessarily. “What’s five minutes from each film?” Well, fictional antagonistic internet person, they’ve done it in a roughly chronological way. In other words, they’ve taken the first five minutes of 1962’s Dr. No, minutes 5-10 of 1963’s From Russia with Love, minutes 10-15 of 1964’s Goldfinger and so on until it ends with the final five minutes of Quantum of Solace. Now, obviously not all Bond movies are the same length, so they’ve had to do a bit of fudging to make it relatively equal throughout. It’s a truly fascinating experiment that I think works in a strange and interesting way. It almost flows together like a real movie.

Check this out, if you’d like, before you see Skyfall, which hits IMAX screens today and every other screen tomorrow.

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