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Even Goombas are Whovians in “Game Off”

GoombaSeeing as it’s Gaming Thursday on YouTube’s Geek Week, it’s high time for another episode of Game Off, the animated look behind the lives of Goombas. This is an extra special installment for two reasons: 1) it’s a Doctor Who-themed adventure (complete with farting aliens and Dalek spinys), but also because 2) it’s a two-parter! See what happens when an overly-attached Who fan meets what seems to be a Goomba Doctor and travels in a TARDIS warp whistle with her skeptical, and frankly annoyed, friend.

Part one is above, courtesy of the Nerdist Channel, and part two is below (don’t blink!), courtesy of Effin Funny. Isn’t it nice when channels can work together like this to bring you fun and hilarity?

Be sure to stay tuned right here for more Geek Week Goodness.