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ENLISTED Returns Tonight, And We Have Two New Clips

ENLISTED Returns Tonight, And We Have Two New Clips

One of the best new series to come out of last season was Fox’s military comedy, Enlisted. Throughout the course of the first season, we watched as Hill brothers Pete, Randy, and Derek grew into three very likable leads that work what is perhaps the toughest job on the planet: soldiers in the U.S. military. Sadly, the series was met with low ratings and was ultimately cancelled by Fox with four episodes remaining. Beginning tonight, those four episodes will be broadcast in Fox prime-time, and today we have two new clips from the first of the run, “Prank War:”

This episode was originally supposed to air as the third episode, and thus was sent to critics in initial screeners. What we can tell you is it’s one of the most well constructed episodes of the series from a practical stand-point. Of course, in an episode with a title like “Prank War,” you’d expect a lot of practical jokes to plague the various characters, and that’s exactly what you get, as seen in the training montage displaying Randy and Derek putting Pete through the wringer.

At the moment, there are no plans for the series to jump to another network, so it is nice to know that, according to showrunners Kevin Biegel and Mike Royce on their recent Nerdist Writers Panel episode, the series will have a satisfying ending to what we do have.

ABC guys: always be covered. Remember it. Live by it. It could save a life.

Enlisted airs Sundays at 7/6c on Fox.