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Enjoy a Chris Hardwick-Infused WIL WHEATON PROJECT Blooper Outtake

Enjoy a Chris Hardwick-Infused WIL WHEATON PROJECT Blooper Outtake

Ahhh friendship. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Particularly when that friendship allows you and one of your bestest buds to hang out, hold hands, and completely butcher a bunch of lines on national television. Ain’t life cute? Just like these bloopers from our intrepid Nerdist overlord Chris Hardwick’s trip to Syfy’s latest series, The Wil Wheaton Project, provided to the Internet by Wheaton himself. It’s the sort of goofily adorable silliness that we’ve all come to expect (and love) from these two.

Not to steal a line from the bronies, but as evidenced by the copious amount of hand-holding, friendship truly is magic:

The series, which premiered last night (but you all reading this totally know that already because you absolutely tuned in last night, right? RIGHT?), featured 22 minutes of Wheaton riffing, bit-ing, and chatting about the week’s best and brightest sci-fi tinged news and pop culture doings. Word on the street is he’s even going to invite along a few of his famous friends from time to time — not just our main man Hardwick. Perhaps there’s a little bit of his TableTop partner in crime, Felicia Day, in our future? A few more Shawn Ashmore bits? One can only hope.

(Psst… you can also watch it right here if you missed it. Not that you did, because you’re a loyal nerd. But maybe you know someone who knows someone. It’s OK — spread the love.)

So, what did everyone think of last night’s premiere — ahem, “The Premiere Menace” because of course — episode? Let us hear it in the comments.


  1. thelastwolf says:

    better than I thought it would be.  

  2. crypticPunk says:

    I liked it when it was called the soup Then when it was hosted by hardwick and called web soup, This is a 4th generation clone of another show. But I will once next week for Felicia Day.

  3. Joseph says:

    Is that canned laughter? It seems oddly placed

  4. Paul says:

    I was presently surprised. I didn’t suck